Monday, March 16, 2009

Uncle Chuck and Yilin get married!

This past Saturday, my mom's brother Chuck married Yilin Ping at a small wedding in Riverside.

My mom was very involved because she was in charge of preparing the flowers (of course) as well as most of the decorating, planning, and helping the bride get ready for her big day. Everything went very smoothly thanks to all her effort and love.
We drove up to my uncles house the evening before the wedding and my mom immediately began setting up for saturday. We all helped and then people started crashing one by one.
all the ladies
Then, we were all up very early in the morning to prepare because my uncle and his bride were going to be married in court at 11am. The ceremony was quick, but surprisingly very pleasant and enjoyable. I will be editing the video in the next two weeks and will post it here for you to see. Alaina was the official photographer and took some amazing photos that she will also post up once she is done editing them.
For now, you can see some photos that I took with my little camera on my flickr.
My Uncle was very happy with how well the whole event turned out, and Yelin seemed comfortable and pleased with how welcoming everyone was to have her as an addition to the family. We wish them the best and a long future together :)

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