Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Friday, November 12, 2010

Alaina and Reinel run 200 miles across Vegas!

...well, almost. :)
This October, Alaina and I joined a team of 10 other runners for what's called the Ragnar Relay. This relay takes place all over the country throughout the entire year. Basically, in each location, runners from all over run with friends for a total of 200 miles over a 24 hour period!
I know, it's crazy!
This year Alaina joined our team and we had an amazing experience.
First we camped in the beautiful Valley of Fire
what a view!
Then, we each ran three legs through the morning, afternoon, and night until we reached the finish line 195 miles away! No showers, no beds... i know, crazy!
Check out my pictures and visit Alaina's facebook for more!

Jacki Graduates and heads to SDSU!

Miss Campa, or should I say Miss PROM QUEEN made us all proud when she graduated from Bonita this year. We all celebrated accordingly (of course) with a grad party at the Campa house.
Congrats to the graduate!
Click here for a few pictures I took at the party.

So, you're probably saying, 'That's old news, get with the program, it IS 2010 after all! I already heard about that on Facebook'. Well I'm getting caught up and thought I'd group these all together to save time :)
This next set of pictures may be something new... So now that Jacki is a 'San Diego Campa', her family and the Campa 6 have been enjoying (sometimes) weekly outings to the SDSU football field which includes tailgating, yummy food made by Auntie Linda, and of course, lots of laughter.
cute cousins
cool brothers
For the whole set, click here
On to the next event! :D

Friday, August 6, 2010

Family Reunion- Pool, BBQ, and Karaoke!!

The entire extended family got together for some pool, BBQ, and karaoke fun on July 31st! I think there are more photos and even videos spreading on facebook... but here are some from Christina:
CLick here for pictures in Facebook

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Spring Events in Review!

April was the cat's meow with Auntie Barbara's birthday party. 85 years and still smiling, laughing, and humming! My mom made wonderful kitty flower arrangements and cute kitty ears for everyone to wear. There was delicious food and so many happy party guests.
tasty treats!
In May, my cousin Stephanie Duarte turned 26! She celebrated with the most unique party theme ever-- Popeye. We BBQ'd at her cool downtown apartment in sailor hats and blue and white! We enjoyed DELICIOUS food and even had a push up competition. Great Party!
Popeye themed party :D
Then, to finish off the month, I drove my three sisters to Las Vegas to see Makayla's favorite band, Paramore. It was a fun-filled sister bonding event- one I will not forget soon :) Check out all of our shenanigans.
yeah Paramore!
Finally, to kick off the summer, the Beck twins celebrated ONE YEAR! Wow! And congrats to Leesa, Joe, and Lita for making it through! We celebrated with a picnic by the beach and a pool party with Hanna!
What cake?!
As you can see, so far 2010 has been full of action. And there's a lot more to come!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Campa Six Coastal Trip!

What better way to welcome the spring than a coastal California drive!
The Campa Six (minus Alaina) took a four day drive up to Carmel and back down through Solvang and stopped in Goleta to meet up with the Becks!

To start, saturday morning, the sleepyheads were forced out of bed at 5am so that Reinel could make it to Agoura Hills for her 10k. It was a beautiful day for a race! And the early rise gave us lots of sunshine to enjoy the rest of our saturday. Reinel finished the race strong in 58 minutes with her good friend Melia.
Us girls posing in the beautiful Agoura hills
We made 'random' stops along the way to take in the beautiful ocean...
Mermaid Makayla
We ate at some delicious diners (yumm!)...
HAm for the Big MAN
..and saw some historical sights! Including the mission, Hearst castle, and Peas Soup Andersen's.
mom! at the mission
Being silly at Pea Andersen's
Enjoy the rest of our pictures! Leave comments :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

Pictures of the Beck familia :)

Can't wait to see them soon!
Pictures coming soon as the Campas 6 take a drive up the coast!