Monday, March 9, 2009

Feb 24th-Visit the Becks in SB

As a resolution to see his granddaughter Hanna more often (and to keep up before she gets too much smarter), my dad invited me and Alaina to visit the Becks on the last weekend of February.
We started it off with a quick dinner at the new Bob's Big Boy in West Covina, and then the three of us headed on our journey up north.
Hanna- the pirate girl
Hanna talked our ear off when we arrived; showing us her room, her baby brother's future room, and telling us about her calendar which marks how often she doesn't wet the bed.
Alaina on the edge of the coast
In the morning, my dad and sis and I got some doughnuts and chilled in a plaza fair across the street. When Hanna got back from dance class, we went for a lengthy, breezy, adventurous walk to see the butterflies, eat lunch, and hang out in the park.

I have some photos from our adventures, but Alaina has some that she has made look very pretty and you can see those here.

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