Wednesday, May 6, 2009

San Diego Museum of Art

A few weeks ago the family and I (Alaina) took a trip to Balboa to see Tahlya's artwork in the San Diego Museum of Art (Balboa Park's largest art collection). Students in San Diego County had their artwork handpicked by their teachers to be specially displayed in a section of the museum & families were invited for an evening of drinks, h'ordeurves & cake! Tahlya did a wonderful drawing that was inspired by a poem written by Edgar Allen Poe.

Of course, you can't expect the Campas to go to a fancy shmancy art museum and behave the entire time... We spent the end of the evening going around the museum, taking a few "life imitating art" photos... & even getting scolded for taking photos and were followed around to make sure we didn't take any more...

After the museum we took a stroll to enjoy the nighttime beauty of balboa: its lovely architechture & gorgeous waterfall!

As any family time we have when Reinel isn't present, we wished she was there very much!


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