Friday, November 12, 2010

Jacki Graduates and heads to SDSU!

Miss Campa, or should I say Miss PROM QUEEN made us all proud when she graduated from Bonita this year. We all celebrated accordingly (of course) with a grad party at the Campa house.
Congrats to the graduate!
Click here for a few pictures I took at the party.

So, you're probably saying, 'That's old news, get with the program, it IS 2010 after all! I already heard about that on Facebook'. Well I'm getting caught up and thought I'd group these all together to save time :)
This next set of pictures may be something new... So now that Jacki is a 'San Diego Campa', her family and the Campa 6 have been enjoying (sometimes) weekly outings to the SDSU football field which includes tailgating, yummy food made by Auntie Linda, and of course, lots of laughter.
cute cousins
cool brothers
For the whole set, click here
On to the next event! :D

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