Sunday, June 7, 2009

DAD turns 54!

For Lemmy's birthday this year, we had a low key BBQ dinner, and Uncle Johnny, Auntie Linda, Kristi, and Jacki came down to visit!!
Lanie and Tahlie hula hoopin'
The first night that I came down, me and my sisters went for a pleasant walk to Crusin' Grand. The Excondido locals line up their vintage cars, and people walk around, and enjoy the atmosphere! We took Loxi, Makayla's dog with us, and she was good for the most part.
Then, when my uncle's family got to town, we made crafts, played volleyball, and ate some GOOD FOOD! Then, Alaina took some headshots of Kristi for her graduation photos! We went to the park and had a lot of fun posing her in different positions. Check out the pictures of our adventures.

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