Sunday, February 1, 2009

Olivia Morales's 1st birthday!

On a beautiful Saturday in Whitter, I took a drive to Michigan Park to celebrate Olivia Morales's 1st birthday.
The park was packed. At least 5 other birthdays were taking place, I heard Ricky had to get there at 4 am to hold a spot!
I sat and ate with Grandma and Uncle Joel (Huera cooked!) and visited with Auntie Becky, Lisa, and the rest of the girls. There was a magician/face painting clown, cake, and lots of gifts.
Jan 31-Olivia's 1st birthday in Whittier
Olivia fell asleep during the gift opening (or modeling session by her dad) and everyone had a good time. Perfect day for a party in the park!
Olivia wakes up!
Click on this adorable picture of the birthday girl for more photos!

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