Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two is better than one

OK, so for a while now I've been waiting to tell everyone how Leesa and I are expecting our next child. We found out a few weeks ago, as we were rehearsing my first show at Laguna Blanca, but Leesa wanted to wait to tell people until after the first doctor visit. Well, it turned out to be a good idea. Leesa told the doctor that she felt much sicker than she did the first time, and had already begun putting on weight when she hadn't put on a pound until the second trimester the first time around. When he turned on the ultrasound, the doctor instantly said, "well, here's why you're sicker - there's two of them in there." Sure enough, two separate zygotes and placentas sitting there on the screen for everyone to see.

Due dates are apparently fuzzier with twins, since the average twin birth gestates 35 weeks, plus we're doing another planned caesarian, but it looks like it will be sometime in June. I will get some pictures up once I get access to a scanner.

Hanna's initial reaction was very similar to Leesa's - she was quiet for a long minute, then volunteered, "well, taking care of TWO babies is a lot of work!" We've learned to expect interesting quotes from her, though. When we explained that the doctor had to cut open Leesa's tummy in order to get her out, she said, "It seems like that would make you die."

Names are already being bandied about - I was denied my inital request to name one "Walker" and the other "Texas Ranger."

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  1. Update: Leesa had a follow-up ultasound this past week, and both babies are doing well. Both have recognizable features and one is quite active, while the other one is turned towards her back. We're hoping to find out the genders in a month or so. Leesa is already showing, unlike her previous experience with Hanna. Her official due date is in late June, but we expect to deliver sometime before that - the first or second week in June is most likely, although the doctor said late May was possible.

    More name ideas:
    Copy and Paste (Leesa's idea)
    David and Goliath (going biblical)
    Cain and Abel (more biblical)
    Tango and Cash
    Shaq and Kobe
    Earvin and Kareem
    Sick and Tired

    really, the possibilities are endless...